OTR ( Off the Record Communication)


Nasir needs to call and chat with a source about the recent kidnapping of some school girls and he is very cautious of someone leaking his conversation or knowing who he is. He knows about Whatsapp end to end encryption but even with that someone would be able to identify him. He thought to himself, “What if there is an anonymous end to end encrypted chat” that won’t keep logs?

Off-the-Record Messaging (OTR)

A way to ensure your instant messaging is secured. ‘Secured’ means when configured properly on your computer, your messages will be hidden from any third party, you will be guaranteed your are talking to the real individual you intended to chat with (Not an Impostor), and after your chat session is ended no one can trace the chat messages to your or your correspondent. Ordinarily the exchange of private messages online does not offer all the security services that OTR offers, this means anyone can read your messages and pretend to be you in a chat room.

To ensure that you have an off the record chat, we present Cyph, a secure messaging application that provides highly secure off-the-record (OTR) messaging.

Cyph is a secure communication tool designed to be extremely friendly for users of any technical skill level, providing such features as encrypted video calling and file transfers to both individuals and businesses. The  technology behind the software was built by two former SpaceX engineers — and rigorously vetted against a threat model focused on nation-state-level attacks — with the vision of defending innocent people from increasingly sophisticated rogue hackers and invasive government mass surveillance

To use cyph.im simply visit www.cyph.im

You get a page showing this:


Copy the link that was provided to you and send to your friend.

Once your friend click on the link they would see this other page.


Happy chatting, securely of course.

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Summary steps

  • For really important conversations, please use an OTR messenger. Our recommendation, Cyph.