Sending Secure Emails with Proton Mail


Nasir has just asked Chidinma to set up ProtonMail because he needs their email and the content to remain confidential. But she doesn’t know what that is or how to set it up.


ProtonMail is a free, open source email service that will protect your privacy and security.

This is a free tool with highly protected servers in Switzerland. Emails are secured with end-to-end encryption. You can create an account anonymously without putting your personal information to open an account.




ProtonMail stores all of your email messages encrypted, which means even the company can’t read your emails. Emails you send and receive with other ProtonMail users are automatically encrypted end-to-end, so even if someone intercepts the messages, they can’t be read.

protonmail dashboard

And you can also end-to-end encrypt messages with non-ProtonMail email addresses: When you create your message, click the encryption button and enter a password. The recipient of your encrypted email will get a link to the message and prompted to enter the password to read it.

Another handy feature is the ability to set an expiration date for emails you send, aka self-destructing emails.

Although you’ll have to use your [id] email address to enjoy these security features, you can get daily notifications sent to your other email address if there are new messages in your ProtonMail account.

And if you desire to use ProtonMail on your mobile device, then there are mobile apps for Android and iPhone users on the respective app stores.

Android-App-Store-logo-Uberpong app-store-logo

Now you can securely communicate with other people via email without the fear of being snooped upon.


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Summary steps

  • Sign up to ProtonMail.
  • Create two passwords, Login and Email password.
  • Your Secure email is ready.