Setting up 2-Factor Authentication on Twitter


Chidinma has been tweeting about the awareness campaign but she noticed an offensive tweet from her account that she didn't create. She becomes worried as she had ignored Nasir's advice to use 2 Step Verification for her account.

Step 1

On Twitter, click on Settings and privacy, then go to Set up login verification as shown in the image below

Step 2

Click on Okay, send me a message then enter your password to verify it’s you.


Step 3

Next, enter the phone number you wish to use as the verifier (A code will be sent to the number almost immediately)


Step 4

Enter the code sent to you, and you are all set to start using 2-Factor Authentication on your account.

Now, when you (or anyone else tries to) login to your Twitter account, a six-digit code will be sent to your (verifier) phone number. Enter this code to successfully login.

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Summary steps

  • When you enable 2-step verification on your twitter account, you get a one time pin sent to your phone number whenever a login is attempted on your account.